The Current State Of Albion Online

Let's look the current state of Albion Online, it is improving day by day. Despite the vast game content, the developers are constantly releasing new content for the game, which gives the game an edge as a sandbox based MMORPG.


The Current State of Albion: Overall
If this game was released way back year 2006, this game must have dominated the MMORPG genre. It got all the factors that were missing in the MMORPG of 2006 onwards. It allows players to stay and farm at their personal island, it has a player driven economy, it has active competitive community and realistic approach of farming items.


The current version already satisfied players, while the developers are planning to release something big soon.


The Current State of Albion: Community
Hands down on the community, they are all newbie friendly. There are only few players who answer a new player’s question with a joke, players who bully and ignore new players. The community of albion online open handedly entertain any newbie and even invite them to join their guild.


The Current State of Albion: Simplified Gameplay
Albion is simple overall, but vast enough to be complex as the player progresses through the game. The crafting system is easy to understand with no unnecessary features. It will take a lot of man power to monopolize the economy, which is less likely to happen.


Even with simple click and slash gameplay, team work is essential on achieving guild victory.


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