Some Tips and Tricks for Mirrors of Albion HD


This is Cheats, hints and strategies! It’s very important for you. Mirrors of Albion HD is a new hidden object game that is leading the resurgence of the HOG genre on the Android and iOS platforms. Of course, if you want a better experience just click


To increase your mastery as quickly as you possibly can (and rack up points and coins, of course), play the same stages over and over, making a mental note of where everything is every single time so that you can remember it quickly the next time you play. The quicker you tap items one after the other, the higher your multipliers will be on the stage.


Of course, it always sucks when energy runs out. However, you can get free energy immediately once it runs out. To do this, go to the settings on your phone or other device, and set the time ahead by about an hour or three, and your energy will be fully restored. Do this every time you run out of energy to keep playing forever.


Even better, once you set the time back to normal, you won’t lose the energy that you just gained, and if you didn’t quite restore all of your energy because you didn’t set the time ahead enough, then you’ll get the rest of your energy meter filled up when you set the time back to normal. This way, you can play for as long as you want without having to deal with your phone being days ahead or some other ridiculous total.


Even if it is your first time playing a stage, look around for awhile and spot at least three items before you start tapping on them, so that you can quickly tap them one after the other and get the bonus bar at the top of the screen to fill up. You’ll earn far more points and increase your mastery more quickly this way.