The Innovation of Albion Online

What attracted you to the game? At first look, albion online looks like a garbage, honestly. But as the player dives right in the game, immersing through the vast world of the game, it will become a perfect game, a game that will innovate how MMORPG should work. Honestly, there is nothing to brag about albion online’s gameplay. It is just as simple as picking herbs and eating the directly. But when it comes to the game’s economy and how guild, albion online gold farming, things start to become more complex. It is like planting the picked herb in a furrowed soil.


Farming is now more realistic. It is like really farming that a player will actually need a pick axe and fishing rod. Unlike, other MMORPG, wolves are the one who drop wood, fine wood, while large wolves drop swords. In albion online, players get log from a tree, meat are obtained through killing rabbits, items are gathered in order to forge a mighty swords.


There is a workbench where a player could craft weapons, armors, and other items.


The Thrill
Commonly, MMO games nowadays are way too easy. It is easy to gain profit, player versus player with no risk. In albion online, upon dying in player versus player, a player could rob a dead player’s body, taking all of his items, which a rare feature in MMO games nowadays.


Albion online is equipment based game. There is no such thing as reflexes or complex combat mechanics. There is only strategy in the economy and exploitation of the vast mechanics of the game.


Guild System
Albion online is one of the best MMORPG games that have a fine guild system. It is developed with guild competition in mind. It is designed for guilds to compete in player kill and economy in order to get gain advantage and overthrow another guild.


Guilds are the basic unit of the game. The more guilds in the game, the more enticing the game would become.


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